Past Project : Interactive Technical French Learning

Interactive Technical French Learning

About Interactive Technical French Learning

An interactive language learning DVD-ROM entitled "Le Stagiaire" ("The Intern") was developed by URI professors Lars Erickson, Jean-Yves Hervé, Ron Hutt and art student Nick McGowan.

The DVD is being created to provide French "International Engineering Program" (IEP) students at all levels of language proficiency with uniform instruction in French technical terms. A URI Foundation grant is funding phase one of the project, a demonstration model DVD on computer terminology. "Common French textbooks don't discuss computers, yet they are tools applicable to all engineers," explained Erickson. The interactive software will provide French IEP students with opportunities to learn technical French and prepare themselves for an internship.

Student Internships

Interactive Technical French Learning

Students working on this project learn skills needed for the various stages of interactive DVD production which includes, initial concept art, story boarding, 2D imaging, 3D modeling, video production and editing, sound production and editing, interactive authoring with iShell software and DVD-ROM publishing.