Current Project : Lipoprotein Visualization

Lipoprotein Visualization

About Lipoprotein Visualization

The 3D Group is collaborating on this project with Professors Lenore Martin (CMB) and Arijit Bose (CHE), and Lewis Collier, Pres. of Exeter-based Capstone Visual.

Our objective is to reconstruct the 3D shape of lipoprotein particals found in the blood, and study the health consequences of the distribution of lipoprotein shapes for a given individual.

We are developing computer vision algorithms to reconstruct the particles' geometry from a small set of cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-EM) images of frozen blood samples (typically, 3 images taken at different angles). A proposal for seed funding has been submitted to RI STAC, to be followed by a grant application to NIH.